Blackening Stainless Steel: Superior Look, Unaffected Dimensions, and Versatility.

Ultra Blak 407, Insta Blak SS-370 and Insta Blak 370-Gel. These three products are the key to giving your stainless steel a superior look, and don't effect the part's dimensions.

When you need your stainless steel blackened, EPI has 3 premium grade products to offer. Each of these products can blacken a wide range of steel alloys, and can be used on architectural parts, fasteners, and tooling. When all is said and done, you'll see and feel why UltraBlak 407 meets Military Specs MIL-DTL-13924D, Class 4 and why InstaBlak SS-370, and InstaBlak 370-Gel's decorative room temperature blackening is superior to the competition.

E-Brite Ultra Cu and E-Brite 50/50: No Cyanide, No Danger, Save Money

Ag plate (1)

Cyanide in the workplace can lead to health hazards, and also increases cost and risk. With E-Brite Ultra Cu for Copper, and E-Brite 50/50 for silver, cyanide will never be a problem again.

EPI is one of the only companies in the world able to make not only non cyanide copper, but non cyanide silver as well. General Electric (GE), Honeywell, and Tinker Air Force Base, all use both processes to totally eliminate non cyanide from their facilities. With production proven chemistry and money saving prices, its easy to see why EPI is superior to the competition.

E-Brite 50/50 Non-Cyanide Alkaline Silver Plating Gives Your Silver More Shine and More Safety

When it comes to silver plating, EPI knows today's Industrial Silver needs plating to meet many different requirements. To solve this problem, we created the E-Brite 50/50.

E-Brite 50/50's exceptional covering and throwing power makes it a clear front runner compared to other silver plating processes, and creates fine-grained, smooth, dense, and hard plating for your industrial silver.  E-Brite 50/50 also brings to the table excellent bonding properties, allowing for superior adhesion, and a more superior process overall.

E-Brite 50/50 is cost effective, easy to control, and contains no cyanide. This saves you money, saves you time, and saves you the costs of dealing with cyanide. EPI's stable bath chemistry means no additional strike tank, making the process a single tank, room temperature operation.

E-Mist 9 and E-Mist 7: Chrome Mist Suppressants

Need a great mist suppressant for your chrome plating? No problem. In fact, EPI can provide you with two that are non PFOA and PFOS.

The primary use for E-Mist 7 and E-Mist 9 is to lower the surface tension of chrome plating or anodizing solutions. The difference between the two is that E-Mist 9 will create a foam blanket, and the E-Mist 7 is non foaming, however, the two can be used together. Both E-Mist 7 and E-Mist 9 are stable when added to strong oxidizing solutions containing, Chromic Acid, Nitric Acid, and many more, offering consistent performance in suppressing fumes and mist generated under electrolysis.

InstaBlak 333: No Smut, Wide Operating Window, Blackened Parts

Kool Blak 225 blackened part  Fe3O4 finish no smutInstaBlak 333 makes blackening parts quick and easy. Parts can be blackened in two minutes, as opposed to the usual 15 to 30, reducing two shifts to one. The process is also easy to do in house, since InstaBlak 333 operates at room temperature. This means no waiting on unpredictable parts from outside vendors, you'll be able to make your own smut free parts with a solid black finish.

InstaBlak 333 can be used for blackening by hand for larger architectural components, or by immersion, for smaller parts. Either way the process creates the same durable, ascetically appealing part. Blackening parts has never been easier, thanks to InstaBlak 333



UltraBlak 400 Makes Parts Blacker; Last Longer and Stay Stronger

Kool Blak 225 blackened tool ready to cut some metal!UltraBlak 400 is a chemical solution made to convert the surface of ferrous metals into black iron oxide. UltraBlak 400 then penetrates and becomes part of the surface, increasing the protection of the part, all while maintaining the part's original dimensions. But how can the Ultrablak 400 help you?

By increasing corrosion protection, it adds years of life to the part and increases resistance to abrasion as well as increasing durability. UltraBlak 400 also increases lubricity, allowing mating parts to perform their tasks smoother than ever before. The black oxide itself only adds 5 to 10 millionths of an inch to the part, helping the part itself to maintain its original purpose and dimensional stability.

Eric Olander speaks at SF China in Guangzhou, China on EPi’ latest development of plating alkaline non cyanide copper on zinc die casts in barrel applications

Eric Olander speaking at SF China 2014

Eric Olander speaking at SF China 2014

By Eric Olander

Sorry about the late post!

Earlier this month I spoke at SF China on akaline non cyanide copper. The presentation was made in English and then translating into Chinese. Some intersting facts about presenting in China. First, the presenter has to pay $1500 to make a presentation at SF China versus here in the USA at NASF presentations there is no charge for giving a presentation. The result of this is fewerr presntations, but a higher quality presentation.

China is facing some new regulations form the Chineses government on pollution and one area in the electroplating industry is eliminating cyanide from metal finishing facilitites. One of the concerns the Chinese government has is the potential use of cyanide as a terrorist  weapon.  This is the same concern here in the USA with the Department of Homeland Security. Copper plating today in China uses cyanide copper strike and then immediately into a pyrophosphate copper without any rinsing to use less cyanide. The challenge is the fact that they are still using cyanide and pyrophosphate technology is older technology from the 1960's that was tried in the USA, but always had the problem of generating orthophospahte break down product which eventually results in a banded deposited that has adhesion problems

EPI Removes Smut and Brightens Steel Parts with the E-Kleen SR-AE


Left Beaker: 10% Sulfuric acid

Right Beaker: E-Kleen SR AE, performing its job well, removing as much carbon as possible.

Having smut problems on your steel and iron? Are the cleaners in your arsenal not getting the job done? EPI has the solution, the E-Kleen SR-AE!

The SR-AE is soluble in all mineral acids, and it is also compatible with acid inhibitors, such as E-Pik Ihibitor and E-Hib 979. The main purpose of this product is to remove carbon smut that can form in mineral acids and offer extra acid base cleaning powders, resulting in brighter, stain free parts. E-Kleen SR-AE is formulated to emulsify oil, keeping your parts oil and smut free.

This product is only used on Steel/Iron substrates, and is not to be used on copper or copper alloys.

Stan Olander’s HO Model Railroad layout featured in the Model Railroader magazine July 2015 issue. Win a free issue!



By Eric Olander

At the beginning of the You Tube video you see Stan's Great Northern steam engine on a round table in the background of the Model Railroader magazine video preview of the July 2015 issue.

If you are not familiar with Model Railroading  as a hobby I think you will find some of these articles very interesting and full of the latest high technology. The July 2015 issue includes articles about:

- How to model realistic horses and wagons

This next one is one of my favorites; How to set up an Apple/Android smart phone to operate trains on a digital command control layout.

-How to install a new WOWsound decoder and speaker in a HO engine


-Modify pico and micro engineering turnouts

-Stan's large layout

EPI will be offering free copies of this Model Railroader issue. Reply to this blog  if you would want a magazine or email me at


Eric Olander’s new presentation on the Successful Application of Alkaline Non-Cyanide Copper by overcoming Copper Immersion Plating challenges on zinc die cast substrates at SF China 2014 on December 3rd @ 14:30

SF China 2014By Eric Olander

I am excited about the opportunity to speak at SF China 2014 in Guangzhou China on December 3rd @ 14:30 in meeting room number six. I will be speaking on EPi's new alkaline non cyanide copper plating process. Our latest research has resulted in an exciting new process that tackles the challenge of immersion copper on Zamac (zinc  die cast) substrates.

EPi's E-Brite Ultra CU successfully plates onto zinc die cast in rack situations partly because we go in live with the process. Trying to go in live in a barrel copper plating process is very difficult because there is on and off contact. EPi's new chemistry lengthens the immersion time to 45 seconds from 5-10 seconds before it starts to immersion copper plate. This results in the opportunity to copper plate in a barrel without cyanide on a zinc die cast substrate. Successful lab trials have resulted in excellent bake adhesion at 350 F for 60 minutes with a cold water quench. EPi will start beta site trials in 2015.

I hope to see you in China!