Eric Olander will be speaking at Milwaukee NASF Branch on October 14th, 2014 on Cleaning

By Eric Olander

I am excited about the opportunity to talk in length about "New Developments in Cleaning and Pretreatment for Electroplating . My talk will be held on October 14th, 2014 at the Milwaukee NASF branch meeting at Saz's (famous for their ribs) at 5539 W. State Street Milwaukee, WI. Make a reservation by email or call Wendy at 414-934-8998. RSVP by October 13th, 2014.

My power point presentation will discuss the present methods of cleaning and some of the latest developments in soak, electro cleaning , acid cleaning and spray cleaning.New update will be included in the latest improvements in E-Kleen SR and a potential testimonial from an E-Kleen SR user in Milwaukee.


We hope to see you there!


The First Tee of Chicago August 2014 Spotlight Donor is EPi read Eric Olander’s comments

By Eric Olander

It is important that we give back to the community and provide opportunity to others in challenging situations. The First Tee of Chicago program is a great opportunity for kids needing an opportunity in life and the principles of how to live life. Here is the article about EPi  READ MORE !

Luke Donald bunker shot Chicago First Tee photo by Nick Novelli

 Luke Donald shows why he is the best bunker player under the watchful eye of coach Pat Goss Golf Director/Coach of Northwestern University .Luke Donald and Eric Olander The First Tee of Chicago 2014 photo by Nick Novelli

Luke Donald was gracious enough to take picture of with me at First Tee of Chicago. Luuuuuuuke!

New Black Oxide video discusses the three options for blackening steel

Kool Blak 225 blackened tool ready to cut some metal!By Eric Olander

 EPi is excited to annouce we now offer three blackening processes for steel/iron WATCH VIDEO.

Ultra Blak 400 hot blak oxide process runs at 285 F a premium grade hot black oxide process that produces a Fe3O4 black oxide finish.

Kool Blak 225 mid temperature process runs at 225F producing a Fe3O4 magnitite black oxide finish.

Insta Blak 333 room temperature blackening resulting in a copper-selenide black finish.

EPi can meet all of your needs for blackening needs!


Part #4 Digtial Cell APP Troubling Shooting guide for copper,nickel, and zinc plating processes.

By Eric Olander

The final fourth feature of EPi's digital APP is convenient Trouble shooting guide that includes images of Hull cell panels with various types of contamination and what EPi recommends for fixing the troubled electroplating solution. Click on the plating info icon.

EPI Hull Cell ruler pictures 005Click on Trouble shooting EPI Hull Cell ruler pictures 008Lets say you are running alkaline non cyanide copper bath E-Brite Ultra Cu, click on alkaline non cyanide copper. Note you can email the troubling shooting guide to your friends using the email template we set up before. See the envelope on the upper right hand corner in the picture below?

sEPI Hull Cell ruler pictures 009As you can see there's an unsightly copper plated Hull cell panel with copper peeling. EPI's Digital APP contains suggestions on how to fix the problem.Now you have four great reasons why to purchase EPI's APP for $0.99 and there are thousands of  dollars of how to correct your plating bath.  Continue reading

Part #3 EPI’s Digital Cell APP includes a list of Hull Cell parameters amperage, time, agitation, cathode and anode material for rack and barrel Hull cells

By Eric Olander

In order to run your Hull cell correctly you need to know the Hull cell paramete for the chemistry you wish to trouble shoot. If you had a Hull cell ruler typically this would be on the back of the Hull cell ruler. Unfortunately, we can't do this directly on our ruler, but we have developed a separate file of information on the APP under Plating Info icon.

EPI Hull Cell ruler pictures 005

Click on Hull Cell Parameters

EPI Hull Cell ruler pictures 006

Search for the type of plating you are looking for and click on the type of plating you are looking for example cyanide copper plating. See below for the Hull Cell parameters.

EPI Hull Cell ruler pictures 007

This lists all the variables for running a Hull cell including what quality of materials for the anode and the cathode ( Hull Cell panel). Now you have three reasons why to purchase EPI's Digital Cell APP.

Part 2# EPi’s Digital Cell APP utilizes your mobile device camera to take pictures of your Hull Cells/parts and share the pictures!

By Eric Olander

We continue breaking down the features of EPi's Digital Cell APP for iPhone, iPad and Android mobile devices. One of the unique features of EPI's APP is taking pictures of Hull Cell panel/parts and saving that image on your mobile device. You can immediately email the image to any share the results of the Hull Cell panel throughout your organization.

The camera icon opens the following four commands for the mobile device;

1) View Plating Images button these are existing photos

2) Add images button this is how you take a photo and open your camera in the Digital Cell APP

3) Delete images button is self-explanatory

4) Email Template button This has nothing to do with taking pictures ,but is used to send a copy of one of EPi's trouble shooting guides.We learn more about this next blog.

EPI Hull Cell ruler pictures 003

After taking the picture you can record Hull Cell parameters in white or black color. You can record the amperage, temperature, tank, time, notes and the date/time automatically populates.  The envelope icon on the upper right hand side will email the selected image. See the example below.


EPI Hull Cell ruler pictures 004 Now you have two great reasons why to purchase EPi's Digital Cell APP with two more to go! Stay tune!

Tough winter in Wisconsin may postpone opening day of fishing

fishingopener_032514By Eric Olander

I cannot take credit for this photo I did not take it. I received it in an email. Typically I blog about EPI products and EPI happenings , but this one was too good not to share it with you .

This actually might be the seen here in Wisconsin as many lakes have very thick levels of ice that may not melt completely by May 1st for opening day of fishing. I love the anchor on the ice plus the dog with the life-preserver. I  did not know that is a requirement now for dogs. My question is how did they get the motor into the ice? Drill a hole or remove the lower bottom unit? It seems like a nice sunny day and looks like 40 F.


If you look at the picture you can see a trialing wake on the ice very creative.


EPI’s alkaline non cyanide copper process plates barrel steel and rack zinc diecast parts

By Eric Olander


EPi has been the leader in selling alkaline non cyanide copper all over the world for a 18 years now. EPi's E-Brite Ultra Cu process plates on all metals and works extremely well on zinc die casts because it can withstand a large level of zinc contamination 2-3 grams/liter. Below is a part plated in the E-Brite Ultra Cu process.



EPI's alkaline copper process works extremely well in barrel applications as well. Here is a steel plated part in an E-Brite Ultra CU process.alkcuphoto

Do you want to plate copper heat-treat stop off? E-Brite 30/30 process is Boeing approved.  Our heat-treat stop off customers are informing us that they can plate less copper plating thickness with  E-Brite 30/30 than with cyanide copper because it is a finer grain denser copper plate.

EPi’s APP for iPhone and Andriod mobile devices includes a sliding Hull Cell ruler Part #1

By Eric Olander

EPI's Digital Cell APP was created for all iPhones, iPads and Android mobile devices. Have you ever lost time searching for a Hull Cell ruler? Well search no more you now can have it on your mobile devices without ever losing it again. On the present iPhone 5 model the Hull cell ruler slides back and forth since the actual ruler is longer than the iPhone. On larger droid phones and on the iPad you don't need to slide to back it forth as the screen are large enough. See the two pictures below

EPI Hull Cell ruler pictures 001

EPI Hull Cell ruler pictures 002


I would like to say the APP is free, but it costs US $0.99 to avoid the use of those nauseating ads. More next week on our special  electroplating APP. Go to your local APP store and search Digital Cell.

New E-PASSivate Yellow Red trivalent passivation install in New York looks like HEX yellow chromate

By Eric Olander

TCF E-PASSivation Yellow Red trivalent passivation

TCF E-PASSivate Yellow Red trivalent passivation

These picture don't show the true HEX yellow color that E-PASSivate Yellow Red has to offer since we used an iPhone to tak the pictures. EPi's distributor Rich Mazzamaro Gilbert and Jones (New Britain, CT) installed the E-PASSivate Yellow Red trivalent passivation recently in New York and couldn't believe the HEX like color that E-PASSivate Yellow Red produces. The customer's present tri-yellow produces a yellow-green color. EPi's fifth generation Yellow passivation has achieved what EPi has been striving for 8 years now.

E-PASSivate Yellow Red can produce 200-250 hours salt spray out performing many hex yellow chromates without any sealer.