Stan Olander’s HO Model Railroad layout featured in the Model Railroader magazine July 2015 issue. Win a free issue!



By Eric Olander

At the beginning of the You Tube video you see Stan's Great Northern steam engine on a round table in the background of the Model Railroader magazine video preview of the July 2015 issue.

If you are not familiar with Model Railroading  as a hobby I think you will find some of these articles very interesting and full of the latest high technology. The July 2015 issue includes articles about:

- How to model realistic horses and wagons

This next one is one of my favorites; How to set up an Apple/Android smart phone to operate trains on a digital command control layout.

-How to install a new WOWsound decoder and speaker in a HO engine


-Modify pico and micro engineering turnouts

-Stan's large layout

EPI will be offering free copies of this Model Railroader issue. Reply to this blog  if you would want a magazine or email me at


Eric Olander’s new presentation on the Successful Application of Alkaline Non-Cyanide Copper by overcoming Copper Immersion Plating challenges on zinc die cast substrates at SF China 2014 on December 3rd @ 14:30

SF China 2014By Eric Olander

I am excited about the opportunity to speak at SF China 2014 in Guangzhou China on December 3rd @ 14:30 in meeting room number six. I will be speaking on EPi's new alkaline non cyanide copper plating process. Our latest research has resulted in an exciting new process that tackles the challenge of immersion copper on Zamac (zinc  die cast) substrates.

EPi's E-Brite Ultra CU successfully plates onto zinc die cast in rack situations partly because we go in live with the process. Trying to go in live in a barrel copper plating process is very difficult because there is on and off contact. EPi's new chemistry lengthens the immersion time to 45 seconds from 5-10 seconds before it starts to immersion copper plate. This results in the opportunity to copper plate in a barrel without cyanide on a zinc die cast substrate. Successful lab trials have resulted in excellent bake adhesion at 350 F for 60 minutes with a cold water quench. EPi will start beta site trials in 2015.

I hope to see you in China!

Kool Blak 225 produces smut free glossy black oxide finish

Kool Blak 225 blackened part  Fe3O4 finish no smut

By Eric Olander

I can't believe it has been almost been nine months since we have introduced Kool Blak 225 with outstanding results that are high gloss and smut free. Competitive mid temp black processes produce a satin  black color with smutty black rub off on your hands. Kool Blak 225 produces a true black oxide finish that is glossy like hot black oxide without the biting caustic fumes of a hot black oxide process. Your competitive mid temp process typically uses a proprietary surface prep to achieve a black finish. No more special prep with Kool Blak 225 you can use hydrochloric acid or an acid salt to achieve the true black oxide finish saving you money!

Seven Step  Process

1. Soak Clean E-Kleen SR 102-E removes carbon smut on steel and difficult to clean metal working fluids.

2. Cold Water Rinse

3. 50% Hydrochloric  Acid

4.Cold Water Rinse

5.Kool Blak 225

6 Cold Water Rinse

7. E-Tec sealant rust preventive


Want to see the finish? Please send six parts to;



17000 W Lincoln Ave

New Berlin, WI 53151

More to come on Kool Blak 225!


Michael Hineman restores 1945 WWII M1 Garand with Insta Blak 333 GEL


By Eric Olander

One of EPi's new customers utilizing  Insta Blak 333  GEL room temperature blackening process was searching high quality blackening process that will meet his high quality standards. Michael stated :

" I have literally tried every cold blue product on the market and am blown away how well yours does. Most just do not blacken enough or are extremely splotchy or just causes too much rust on small parts. I have attached a before and after picture of the results I achieved."

Here is a before picture of the famous M1 Garand

Insta Blak 333 Gel restores WWII M1 Garand

Look at Michael's outstanding attention to detail and craftmanship in the restored M1 below!!

M1 restored black oxide finish with Insta Blak 333GEL

Here's a close up picture of the restored M1.

Restored M1 with InstaBlak 333 GEL

Look at the left hand side of the wooden gun stock you see some initials engraved into the wooden stock. Here is a close up of the wooden gun stock. Close up M1 wooden stock  with Insta Blak 333 GEL

 Please read Michael  Hineman's quote of the what the initials mean below:


"I think that would be great to share. I do not have a problem with my story, name or pictures being used. I would only asked to please copied on what is shared. Just to make the story little more interesting....This gun in a 1945 WW2 M1 Garand. The sight is the only piece that is post 1945. This particular M1 Garand is special in that it has the cartouche "OGEK" stamped on the side. In my research, I found that the "OG" was from the Ogden Arsenal in Utah. They performed rebuilds of small arms that were needed before sending them back out during WW2. The "EK" was for the name of the inspector, which happened to be Elmer Keith ( who was employed at the arsenal during a 3 year time frame that ended sometime in late 1945. To my knowledge I have not seen another with his stamp of approval. To me this is proof that the stock is also from at least 1945. I have attached a picture with the cartouche before and after as well as a few others. So EPI is now part of history or at least preserving a part of history.

Wow what a once in life time historic story! Thank you Michael Hineman for making this happen and using Insta Blak 333GEL. Insta Blak 333 GEL formula allows the black oxider to work in the blackening process resulting in a uniform deep-rich-black finish!

Eric Olander will be speaking at Milwaukee NASF Branch on October 14th, 2014 on Cleaning

By Eric Olander

I am excited about the opportunity to talk in length about "New Developments in Cleaning and Pretreatment for Electroplating . My talk will be held on October 14th, 2014 at the Milwaukee NASF branch meeting at Saz's (famous for their ribs) at 5539 W. State Street Milwaukee, WI. Make a reservation by email or call Wendy at 414-934-8998. RSVP by October 13th, 2014.

My power point presentation will discuss the present methods of cleaning and some of the latest developments in soak, electro cleaning , acid cleaning and spray cleaning.New update will be included in the latest improvements in E-Kleen SR and a potential testimonial from an E-Kleen SR user in Milwaukee.


We hope to see you there!


The First Tee of Chicago August 2014 Spotlight Donor is EPi read Eric Olander’s comments

By Eric Olander

It is important that we give back to the community and provide opportunity to others in challenging situations. The First Tee of Chicago program is a great opportunity for kids needing an opportunity in life and the principles of how to live life. Here is the article about EPi  READ MORE !

Luke Donald bunker shot Chicago First Tee photo by Nick Novelli

 Luke Donald shows why he is the best bunker player under the watchful eye of coach Pat Goss Golf Director/Coach of Northwestern University .Luke Donald and Eric Olander The First Tee of Chicago 2014 photo by Nick Novelli

Luke Donald was gracious enough to take picture of with me at First Tee of Chicago. Luuuuuuuke!

New Black Oxide video discusses the three options for blackening steel

Kool Blak 225 blackened tool ready to cut some metal!By Eric Olander

 EPi is excited to annouce we now offer three blackening processes for steel/iron WATCH VIDEO.

Ultra Blak 400 hot blak oxide process runs at 285 F a premium grade hot black oxide process that produces a Fe3O4 black oxide finish.

Kool Blak 225 mid temperature process runs at 225F producing a Fe3O4 magnitite black oxide finish.

Insta Blak 333 room temperature blackening resulting in a copper-selenide black finish.

EPi can meet all of your needs for blackening needs!


Part #4 Digtial Cell APP Troubling Shooting guide for copper,nickel, and zinc plating processes.

By Eric Olander

The final fourth feature of EPi's digital APP is convenient Trouble shooting guide that includes images of Hull cell panels with various types of contamination and what EPi recommends for fixing the troubled electroplating solution. Click on the plating info icon.

EPI Hull Cell ruler pictures 005Click on Trouble shooting EPI Hull Cell ruler pictures 008Lets say you are running alkaline non cyanide copper bath E-Brite Ultra Cu, click on alkaline non cyanide copper. Note you can email the troubling shooting guide to your friends using the email template we set up before. See the envelope on the upper right hand corner in the picture below?

sEPI Hull Cell ruler pictures 009As you can see there's an unsightly copper plated Hull cell panel with copper peeling. EPI's Digital APP contains suggestions on how to fix the problem.Now you have four great reasons why to purchase EPI's APP for $0.99 and there are thousands of  dollars of how to correct your plating bath.  Continue reading

Part #3 EPI’s Digital Cell APP includes a list of Hull Cell parameters amperage, time, agitation, cathode and anode material for rack and barrel Hull cells

By Eric Olander

In order to run your Hull cell correctly you need to know the Hull cell paramete for the chemistry you wish to trouble shoot. If you had a Hull cell ruler typically this would be on the back of the Hull cell ruler. Unfortunately, we can't do this directly on our ruler, but we have developed a separate file of information on the APP under Plating Info icon.

EPI Hull Cell ruler pictures 005

Click on Hull Cell Parameters

EPI Hull Cell ruler pictures 006

Search for the type of plating you are looking for and click on the type of plating you are looking for example cyanide copper plating. See below for the Hull Cell parameters.

EPI Hull Cell ruler pictures 007

This lists all the variables for running a Hull cell including what quality of materials for the anode and the cathode ( Hull Cell panel). Now you have three reasons why to purchase EPI's Digital Cell APP.

Part 2# EPi’s Digital Cell APP utilizes your mobile device camera to take pictures of your Hull Cells/parts and share the pictures!

By Eric Olander

We continue breaking down the features of EPi's Digital Cell APP for iPhone, iPad and Android mobile devices. One of the unique features of EPI's APP is taking pictures of Hull Cell panel/parts and saving that image on your mobile device. You can immediately email the image to any share the results of the Hull Cell panel throughout your organization.

The camera icon opens the following four commands for the mobile device;

1) View Plating Images button these are existing photos

2) Add images button this is how you take a photo and open your camera in the Digital Cell APP

3) Delete images button is self-explanatory

4) Email Template button This has nothing to do with taking pictures ,but is used to send a copy of one of EPi's trouble shooting guides.We learn more about this next blog.

EPI Hull Cell ruler pictures 003

After taking the picture you can record Hull Cell parameters in white or black color. You can record the amperage, temperature, tank, time, notes and the date/time automatically populates.  The envelope icon on the upper right hand side will email the selected image. See the example below.


EPI Hull Cell ruler pictures 004 Now you have two great reasons why to purchase EPi's Digital Cell APP with two more to go! Stay tune!